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The Cloud :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 0 0
They laugh, holding hands like good friends
(though they barely know each other)
covered in dopey smiles,
and walk toward the horizon.
The fight is behind them
('fight' is a relative term)
and life is peachy keen tarts from here
on out.
But instead of music,
unease crescendos.
But instead of names,
uncertainty fades in.
They continue to hold hands,
sweaty palms slipping like fish,
Until suddenly they are apart.
Though nothing had changed,
the movie has begun again.
:iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 0 2
Shadow People
I think I finally understood Plato,
watching her hips sway back and forth and
back again, through the glass shopfront
(she walking down the sidewalk outside, me talking to
the clerk about a broken appliance).
Plato said something about shadows
on a cave wall... I never read it. But I thought
that maybe I got the gist, from my high school lit class.
I was watching this woman, and  all I should have
thought about was her
hips like church bells,
like anemone in a tide pool,
like wind rolling across hills,
like a promise that can't be kept,
and how much I needed them.
But instead I remembered Plato.
She is a shadowperson.
I am a shadowperson.
And I wondered, if we were to meet,
chained to our cave, if we were to bump
elbows, or entangle our ratty
burlap sacks as we squirmed worthlessly
in the dirt of reality,
would she be more beautiful?
:iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 0 0
Stephen :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 1 0 I've Been Here Before :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 0 0 Nanowrimo Calendar 2010 b :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 26 12 Nanowrimo Calendar 2010 a :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 8 4 Above :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 1 0 Strata :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 1 0 The Push :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 0 0 Postholer :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 3 0 Maui 2 :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 2 0 Maui :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 2 2 The Sweep :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 0 0 Crash :iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 0 0
Let loose lonesome lolling lookers
may majestic calling clinging closer
pleasing places pleading plunging pylons
pliers pilling closer noiser voicer
timely fashions of fiscal fortune for
broken beaded bearded bombast
bombs! broken basilica
fermenting floundered founders finding
fast the fees of fiscal finance
who told who of whom
what we how now hid here her name
please the pleasure planet, planes of passing
risky chopper chipping block
boats who roam and home and hone
home was thus for us but none
come none hun hum done
clo(h)ser clos(z)er cloister clover
Plinian splinter periscopes perishing pastures
masters faster cast her after
hopeless phoneless nomads who have done this
longer laster linger after
fine fires freeing feeling freezing prone
chock of none and last who won.
:iconcelaenotheharpy:celaenotheharpy 0 0

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United States
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Favourite style of art: Kinetic Sculpture
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Well, it's been a year since my last journal entry. Seems I ought to do it again.

First, I'd like to note that I don't really like the name 'celaenotheharpy.' I chose it when I was in middle school, and I've outgrown it. But, I don't really want to go through making a new account, even though I probably should. I kind of like being able to look through all the terrible old things I used to consider internet-worthy, to see how I've grown.

Second, here are some links. Please peruse them at your leisure. (Kate Beaton)… (Make your own Bayeux Tapestry)… (German terms of endearment)… (Random plot generator) (Instructables)… (Paper Cuttings)… (Way Down - NASA)… stop motion)… (Apple Cup time lapse)… (Horrible Histories: Robert Knox)… (Neon Bible in an elevator)… (Bear McCreary performs Caprica theme)… (Leaf art)

Third, you should look at my image blog: (The Mute and the Maelstrom)

Be well,


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